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The Department of Stomatology belongs to the first batch of departments that built up together with Xuanwu hospital since 1958. With the change of history, with the development of capital economy, people's awareness of oral health care and the need for dental treatment have been increasing. With the support of hospital leaders at all levels, it undergone tremendous changes in scales, members, clinical techniques, teaching standards and research outputs. It became a standing executive member of Beijing Society of Stomatology in 2015.

1. The Scales of Department

Besides the first division of department in the hospital, we opened second division (No.47 Ya zi qiao avenue, Xicheng district) in 2014 to solve the problems which patients were difficult to seeking dental care. The Cadre Health and Special needs Stomatology Division will also be opened in the Cadre Health Building in October. Then we will have three independent divisions, equipped with 35 dental units and 3 comprehensive operating rooms.

2. Professional Team of Department

We have a young professional team, including 36 in-service dentists, 18 residents and 5 graduate students, in the Stomatology Department. Among all the dentists, 13.9% own senior professional title (66.7% are under 50 years old), 22% own intermediate title, and 13.9% own Ph.D degree, 41.7% own master degree. One person was lined in “215 talent project “and “ten hundred thousand talent project “of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, 2 persons was lined in “outstanding talent” of the Organization Department of Beijing Municipal CPC Committee, 1 person was selected in “young crops project” of Beijing municipal Administration of Hospitals. 16 spirited young special nurses constitute our nursing team and 6 specialized-training technicians constitute technician team are also the important parts. Together we offer professional medical services for the patients.

3. Clinical Techniques and Characteristic Treatment

At present there are 10 secondary departments which includes endodontics, periodontics, diseases of oral mucosa, pediatric dentistry, preventive dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, prosthodontics, Implant dentistry, and oral & maxillofacial radiology in Stomatology Department. Besides having advanced and complete medical equipment, our clinical skills rank high among all the stomatology departments in general hospitals in Beijing. We gain awareness among the patients through high quality and convenient medical services.

Besides providing common diseases treatment, we are striving to offer more modern techniques and methods which could benefit our patients the best. Microsurgery in endodontics、CAD/CAM cosmetic prosthodontics, Minimally invasive tooth extraction, surgery under electrocardiograph monitoring, periodontal surgery, minimal invasive dental treatment with laser, laughing gas, pain free pediatric dentistry, orthodontic treatment for patients with periodontal disease, invisialign with adults, dental implant and complex prosthodontic treatment for senior people, etc. At the same time, we pay attention to clinical research about systematic disease related oral problems, and using snore guard for obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome(OSAHS) treatment,prevention and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, serving the entire staff in hospital and patients the best.

We built up the most comprehensive dental laser treatment team. During the past 4 years, we successfully held 7 national continued education classes. As the chairman unit of Beijing oral laser committee, we host the first and second Beijing Oral Laser Committee Academic Forum, 2016 Interdisciplinary Forum of Chinese Stomatological Association, Technique-training classes, etc. We maintain close academic communication with local and international experts, dedicate ourselves to popularize and standardize the clinical application of oral laser technology.

4. Education

Since Xuanwu hospital was incorporated in Capital Medical University in 1976, our department became the academic institution of its clinical medical school and nursing college. Postgraduate degree training point in orthodontics was built in 2010 (we will admit PhD degree from 2018), became Comprehensive practice base for undergraduates of stomatology school in 2011, and became the teaching unit of stomatology for international college Capital Medical University in 2013. In 2014 our department became National and Beijing Standardized Training Department for residents of General Dentists. In our teaching team, one gained the title of “Excellent postgraduate tutor”; two resident clinical teachers gained the title of “Xing Lin Physician”. And two residents gained the title of “Excellent Resident”. To foster the high quality and high skilled general dental practitioners is our aim and extremely important task.

5. Scientific research

During the past 10 years, we hold 20 project which are including Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China), Beijing Capital medical development research fund, capital characteristic research fund, Chinese Stomatological Association special fund, capital medical university basic-clinical issue fund etc. With the support of those funds and corporation with other departments in our hospital, we focus on the fundamental and clinical research based on the relation of oral diseases and systematic diseases. 7 SCI papers and more than 40 papers on core journals have been published. We finish 1 professional book translation. Stable and definite research interest obtained, laid a solid foundation for the future scientific research and postgraduate training.